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How to Boost Audience Engagement

Posted By BEC Marketing Team, Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Posting your event on social media can be a huge asset to all your followers, even those unable to attend. Social media is an excellent, budget-friendly tool to publicize your event online to your entire network at the click of a button. Posting helps you expand your network to foster new connections while strengthening the old. The following are three social media tips to boost engagement from your audience and attendees.



1.       Facebook Live Post – Facebook Live is a great way to give your followers an inside look at your trade show and get viewers excited days before the event. This feature allows you to record a promotional video on-site, which is broadcasted on your Facebook Timeline as you are filming, and remains there for viewers to go back and see at any time. Teasing them with a sneak peek of the event may peak their interest and be the catalyst they needed to stop by and see what else the event has to offer them. Going live is an excellent way to switch up your marketing tactics and grab viewers’ attention with a fresh approach. This approach also has a newsroom feel to it, which adds a bit of formality to the event and lets the viewers know how important it is to the company.


2.       Event Hashtag – It’s beneficial to create a unique hashtag for your trade show on social media. Creating a hashtag allows you to share branded content with your network and bring an identity to your event. Your attendees can attach the hashtag to related content, which can all be organized under one easy-to-find category. This helps expand your marketing reach even further, as several people on several networks are sharing and re-sharing your content, which allows it the potential to go viral. This is also a great way to brand your event and your company, as they will be attributed to the hashtag, encouraging anyone who comes across the hashtag to further explore its origins. Remember to also look for other categories that relate to your event and use those hashtags to help promote your event or help create your own hashtags. Connecting with those who have attended the event is much easier if they have used the hashtag.


3.       Call to Action – Perhaps the most important of the three, a call to action is crucial to engaging your social media followers. After you have informed them about the trade show, it is important to invite them to sign up, listen in, contribute, etc. Including a call to action is one of the most direct ways to encourage viewer engagement. It is important to really focus on one call to action, in order to avoid confusing your viewers. Make sure any hyperlinks you may include lead directly to the page detailing the call to action, not just the home page. Otherwise, customers may get lost. The trade show is an opportune moment to invite viewers to learn more about you and your company. This is how you are going to turn a viewer into a customer. 

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Event

Posted By Seth Haines, Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Written by: Jason Trovela

 picture of fireworks celebrating business event


Super Bowl LI is in the books. On February 5th, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to an exciting overtime, against-all-odds win over the Atlanta Falcons, 34-28. If you spent any time on social media over that weekend, you probably noticed the enormous buzz big events like the Super Bowl generate online. These events are practically holidays, and as such, they create an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie. It goes without saying that big events call for big celebration, and with any party, someone’s got to be in charge of coordinating and shopping. This is the optimal time for businesses to take advantage of the hype and hold specials for the big day. So lace up; it’s time to tackle the 5 ways you can use big events to drive your business.


Create & Maintain Social Media Buzz

In order to get people through your door, you have to engage. Big events will always draw a following, and social media allows everybody to be a participant. The best examples of this occur during holidays like Christmas when your Auntie Jean posts 62 pictures of her “Holiday Meal Prep!” to her Facebook. But big holidays don’t have to be the only time to utilize this social buy-in. Any type of event that garners more attention than usual is on the table. If it’s football season, you’ll notice that offering a game time special when the Bears play the Packers (or the Packers play anyone) will result in a traffic uptick when promoted on social media. As a personal fan, I can assure you when we’re not watching the game, we’re tweeting game time thoughts and looking up stats on our sports apps.

But how do you engage followers without sounding like an ad? According to this article by Christopher Litster, following the one-in-seven rule creates a more relatable message to your followers. Basically, the rule states that only one in every seven posts should overtly promote your business. The rest of your posts should be sharing valuable content of interest to your audience. Once you offer a position that’s interesting to your customers, many will take the opportunity to share their opinion...especially if you ask people to weigh in on “Bears or Packers?” debate.


Free Advertising!

Even though many of us have become faster communicators though type/text, people will always be talking; after all, we are social beings. After engaging potential customers through your marketing channels, your business will become more easily identifiable for fulfilling a specific consumer need. Wife and mom Sally Mae got a lot out of the “Thanksgiving Hacks” article you shared, and decided to share it with her best friend and mother-of-three, Joana. One week later, while preparing her Thanksgiving meal (using Thanksgiving Hacks), Joana forgets one key ingredient. Thanks to your article, she remembers that your grocery store also happens to be open on Thanksgiving Day. If a consumer really needs something, they’re going to find it. Keep in mind, it’s up to you to position yourself and your business at the front of the line.

While a grocery store owner during Thanksgiving might be an obvious example, every industry can advertise during any time of the year when positioned correctly. Take the real estate industry, for example. In an article by Forbes, they describe the holidays as the “off-season” in real estate. This makes sense because who has time to house hunt in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas? The answer is, those of us looking for a good deal. The winter season has less competition from other buyers which puts pressure on sellers who need to get out before spring, and according to realtor Alisa Bair, prices normally dip during the winter months. Spin it the right way, and you could sell mouse traps to mice.


Make the Event Your Own

Just because you’re running a business doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate too! A gym owner may find that having an annual new year sign-up party may be an opportunity to meet new prospects and build their relationships with current members. As we’re all aware, “new year, new me” usually encourages us to get back in shape, and offering an opportunity to follow through on this resolution will drive traffic to your business.

You can even take it a step further by incorporating your event theme into your business for a limited time. Not only does this make your store look more interesting, it shows customers that your brand has character. For example, KIA Motors launched their “Holidays On Us Sales Event” during the 2016 holiday season. This campaign tied the holiday spirit with their brand, allowing customers to take advantage of special discounts, while also instilling the warm association of the holidays with customers every time they enter their new vehicle.

Don’t just provide the occasion, but reward your customers for their engagement! If it is the 2016 World Series and your business is located in Chicago, provide a special incentive for customers who show up sporting Cubs gear (or Indians, but for the sake of my bias, let’s not go there. #FlyTheW).


Make Your Product Unique

Brands that proactively engage their customers are more likely to see them regularly in-store, but remember, they’re returning for more than the experience. Your customers are expecting a unique product that fits a need associated with the big event or holiday. Offer a limited time special, and position these products at the front of your store for the highest exposure rate for incoming traffic. For example, a Milwaukee liquor store promoting a new brand of beer in the summer might offer free tickets to SummerFest as an incentive for customers to try the new beverage. With any good special, you want to create a sense of urgency. Don’t wait! Limited quantity available! This activates a person’s natural competitivenessI have to get this before someone else does.

Playing off the liquor store example, an owner should also understand that certain brands are more available and more desired during certain times of the year. Promote this product heavily for the limited amount of time it’s available, and make sure it’s known that it won’t be on-shelf forever. Summer Shandy, anyone?


Hold the Line!

Once you have it, keep it. Olenski’s article stresses that business owners should keep their doors open 24/7, or as long as possible. During big events, many stores may opt to close early though this may be one of the biggest opportunities to retain new business. Customers will recognize this, search for alternatives, and remember the limited hours the next time they’re prepping for an occasion. The procrastinating holiday shopper comes to mind here. By keeping your doors open, you may be preventing a family meltdown over some cranberry sauce, as well as cashing in on the profits.

The same article suggests retargeting your advertisements. Customers who have previously engaged with your brand should be drawn back in while the deals last. Because they’re already familiar with your brand, you will have an easier time winning their business again when the need resurfaces.


Tie the Bow

Follow these steps, and you can turn lost customers into new business. Big events such as holidays, festivals, or professional sports don’t have to take attention away from your brand. By engaging customers and offering a new way to celebrate the festivities, it will add a new positive connection with your brand and increase loyalty with your customers; a win-win for everyone.


About Scanalytics

Scanalytics is among the top 10 fastest growing “Internet of Things” companies, measuring human behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors. The SoleSensor platform translates consumer foot traffic into actionable data through a dashboard interface for real-time and historical viewing of trends in physical spaces. Using the floor sensor technology, brands capture and analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI.

With over 40 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com

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3 Tips to Secure Exhibitors at Your Event

Posted By Maggie Parker, Friday, November 11, 2016

 The key to planning a successful trade show expo is securing the right exhibitors for your event. However, finding these exhibitors can be overwhelming and difficult, especially with so many other events to compete with. Here are three tips to attract and book those perfect exhibitors:


1. Know Your Audience

When you first start planning your trade show make sure toclearly identify the audiences you’re trying to reach. Your goal as an organizer should be to help exhibitors and guests connect. To accomplish this, you have to know who those exhibitors and guests will likely be and what they’re looking to get out of your show. Conduct research on each group and create a plan to fulfill their unique goals. Offer special packages and invite industry experts as guest speakers to attract and intrigue your audience.  Your goals should be mapped out in a marketing plan that outlines how you will reach your audience through industry networks, social media, email campaigns, and other communication tools.


2. Scheduling Dates

Once you know which exhibitors you are looking to attract, it’s important to pick a date that complements into their annual schedule of activities. For example, if you’re planning a retail trade show, have it early enough that relationships and deals developed from the show can be executed before the fourth quarter of the year. Avoid holidays and dates of related trade shows to minimize competition with other events, popular vacation times, and busy periods of the year for your industry.


3. Venue

Location, venue size, and site amenities are key to attracting the right exhibitors to your show. If you’re looking to attract your crowd through convenience, be sure to chose a location that minimizes travel time for your exhibitors, but is also accessible to a large amount of guests. Again, if you are planning a retail show, places like New York or Los Angeles would be ideal locations because they are a centers for those industries. If you want to wow your exhibitors and attendees with fun attractions and activities, consider cities like Las Vegas or Orlando that have endless possibilities during the off-hours of the show. Make sure your venue size will adequately hold the number of exhibitors and guests you are expecting without making anyone feel crowded or too spaced out. Venue amenities to look for include free parking, free event marketing, and catering. These amenities make your event more appealing to potential exhibitors and guests.


Overall, finding the right exhibitors may be daunting at first, but once you know who you are looking to book, you can market and plan your event in a way that will fulfill their needs, attracting them to your show.


About Scanalytics

Scanalytics is among the top 10 fastest growing “Internet of Things” companies, measuring human behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors. The SoleSensor platform translates consumer foot traffic into actionable data through a dashboard interface for real-time and historical viewing of trends in physical spaces. Using the floor sensor technology, brands capture and analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI.

With over 40 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com.

Tags:  Conference  event planning  exhibit  marketing  organization  tips  trade shows 

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How Exhibiting at Trade Shows Increases Success

Posted By Maggie Parker, Thursday, October 13, 2016

4 Ways Exhibiting at Trade Shows Increases Success in Any Industry


The biggest problem that companies encounter when deciding whether or not to participate in a trade show is the high price tag. Exhibiting at a trade show takes time and money to prepare the exhibit, train staff, and then transporting the exhibit and staff to the location. However, don't let this scare you away. Exhibiting at a trade show is much more valuable that the hassle it seems to be. Not only will you create an opportunity to close deals and meet new prospective leads, but it can also be a valuable learning experience for your company.  


Whether you are a start up  or a well established business, here are four reasons to take the dive and exhibit at a trade show: 

1. Meet New Customers and Generate Leads

The thing many companies need to remember when deciding whether or not to participate in a trade show is that, for the most part, you are going to be interacting directly with your target audience. Getting people interested in your product or what you have to offer won't require pulling any teeth, everyone who is attending wants to be there! Executives who attend trade shows know what they're getting into and want to learn about the new innovations in the industry that you're servicing. With this pressure off, you can meet an abundance of potential customers from across the country, or even the globe, that you struggled to find before. The direct contact that trade shows provide allows you to close deals faster and easier as well as gauge the interest of potential leads. 

2. Networking

Reaching new customers in your target audience is important, but so is meeting and creating relationships with potential partners in business. At trade shows, you're able to make direct contact with new businesses with whom a relationship could be beneficial to both parties for future endeavors. Trade shows create a solidarity within the industry and the other players appreciate when more businesses show up to help promote the industry and all it has to offer. Without the easy accessibility that trade shows offer, creating these sorts of relationships can be awkward and even unfriendly at times. This way, there is no pressure to impress or prove your worth, just by being there you show potential partners that you are serious about your commitment ot the industry. 

3. Industry Research

Creating relationships with potential business partners is a great perk of trade shows, but it also provides the opportunity to research your competition in a non-treatening manner. You can visit your competitor's booth and discover the new things they're offering compared to your current product base. Learn what's working for your competitors, and more importantly, what isn't. You can use this information to better appeal to customers and other potential leads. 

Trade shows also offer the opportunity to learn about new developments in your industry. Being on top of trends and implementing new technologies allows your company to appeal more to customers as well as increase the credibility of your brand. 

4. Establish Brand and Increase Brand Awareness

Speaking of brands, one of the biggest payoffs of participating in trade shows is the increased brand awareness with new customers, existing customers, and within the general industy. Trade shows allow you to optimize your brand experience and experiment with new developments and marketing strategies. At a trade show, a new company can introducte and establish themselves as an innovator in the industry through their branding. A well established company can use a trade show to experiment with different brand messaging as well as potential rebranding ideas. 


In the end, no matter the size of a company or the industry you're in, trade shows can be revolutionary to your marketing ROI and brand development. They allow you to create relationships in an exciting environment that facilities friendship and innovation, keep up with what's going on in your industry, and establish yourself as a serious player in the game. Using analytics technologies, you can also experiment and measure new marketing strategies and find out what's appealing to your target audience without breaking the bank. Exhibiting at trade shows are a necessary and valuable component to succedding in any industry. 


About Scanalytics

Scanalytics is among the top 10 fastest growing “Internet of Things” companies, measuring human behavior insights through intelligent floor sensors. The SoleSensor platform translates consumer foot traffic into actionable data through a dashboard interface for real-time and historical viewing of trends in physical spaces. Using the floor sensor technology, brands capture and analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI.

With over 40 million impressions to date, Scanalytics has deployed SoleSensors across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia. Learn more at: www.scanalyticsinc.com.

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5 Monster Marketing Tips For Your Business

Posted By Mark Auyoung, Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5 Monster Marketing Tips For Your Business



Boo! Don’t be scared, it’s just the ghost of a successful marketing team here to help you scare up more profits this Halloween. Holidays are a goldmine of opportunity to establish your business in the community and to have a little fun while you’re at it. With festivities in the air and spirits running wild, customers are in the mood to celebrate. By using these 5 useful tips to utilize this holiday, you can make the most out of the spooky season.


1. Reverse Trick-or-Treat


Give back to your community, get free exposure, and get into the Halloween spirit by reverse Trick-or-Treating. Simply visit local businesses and leave them with a bag of treats with your company’s logo. This serves as a positive image tactic as well as a way to network with neighboring businesses.


2. Make your own Pumpkin Bags


Hand-in-hand with Reverse Trick-or-Treating, your company could print its own bags to contain the candied goods. With the heaps of free candy, kids will need a bag to carry their spoils. They can do so by toting around your businesses logo as they Trick-or-Treat around the neighborhood making it an effective way to get the holidays working for you.


3. Phantom Philanthropy


By hosting a small philanthropy event companies can improve its community relations and tap into the holiday’s spirit of giving. Small outreach programs that help out groups in need creates a positive and responsible image for a company. A common example could be hosting a haunted house to showcase your festive business as well as make money for a good cause.


4. Frightening Flash Sales


Who doesn’t like sales? Make use of the holidays to promote your items. If your business has items that pertain to the holidays, even better! Host flash sales and reach out to new and existing customers.


5. Deadly Décor


Everyone loves the holiday spirit. Make your business call out to customers by decorating your business in holiday gear. Change up your products to fit the Halloween theme. Getting customers into the festive mood increases your chances of landing a sale. Bundle items or deals to the theme of the holiday to get customers screaming for more and to increase your profit per transaction.


Getting the most out of the holiday this year will be a breeze if you follow these 5 effective tips for getting your business out to the community while having a little fun. Branding is definitely important, and what better way to brand then to be remembered as the festive business that hosted a charity event? Looking for a place to your charity event? Contact us today before the festivities pass away! Enjoy the holidays and boost profits. Happy Halloween! 

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How Can Team Building Help a Company?

Posted By Matthew Bonus, Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How Can Team Building Help a Company? 

Team building in company

Team building is an important investment all companies should make for their employees. I can already hear the groans around the room. Many employees see team building exercises far from fun or impactful, yet fail to see the many benefits these exercises come with. By investing in your workplace you are choosing your employees you want for the “ride” to come. A studies shows that companies with engaged employees receive 2.5x more revenues than companies with low engagement.



For any size company, large or small, communication is an important aspect to the workplace. By using team building exercises you will bring employees together, making them feel welcomed and relaxed when they come in to work. 80% of the United States’ workforce admitted to feeling stressed over their work. Remember, co-workers are your second family. You see them for 40 plus hours a week, sometimes even more. That is more time in the office than at home! With a friendly work environment employees will be able to communicate much better with each other which translates to higher productivity rates and decrease in the error around the office.  



Breaking barriers through team building exercises will increase trust within the workplace. Not only trust between colleagues, but leadership as well. The goal is to close the gap from managerial efforts down to the staff. Leadership will get the opportunity to be seen as just another employee rather than a boss. Better relationships throughout the office will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity.


Motivation – Productivity

You can also use these exercises as a tool to motivate your employees. You want your employees to succeed. By creating an atmosphere that is competitive, yet fun, you will see a rise in productivity. Team building exercises have the ability to get the best out of your employees and take them to the next level. Motivation is the final key to optimal performance in the office. 


The Exercises

Companies can participate in many forms of activities in order to get your employees involved. From basic exercises to more complex ones, they each hold unique advantages. Simple activities such as; sporting events, painting classes, or a game night, are great examples of basic exercises. You also have the choice of enjoying more complex activities such as corporate retreats or volunteer work. Practicing any one of these team building exercises will steer your team in the right direction.   


By integrating team building activities correctly you can push your team above expectations. United States companies loose on average $3 billion per year due to negative attitudes at work. Giving your employees an enjoyable environment in the office will allow an increase in your company’s overall productivity output. 

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Technology to Power Your Next Meeting

Posted By Mark Auyoung, Monday, September 12, 2016
Updated: Thursday, September 15, 2016

5 Productive Pieces of Technology to Power Your Next Meeting


With meetings being a key driver of communication and productivity in the workplace, it is essential to host an organized, engaging, and collaborative workspace. Meetings that are poorly planned end up being a waste of time for both the organizer and the attendees. Avoid miscommunication with cutting-edge applications that will streamline planning, hosting, and engaging with attendees.  Fortunately, with the expansion of technology into the everyday workspace, it has never been more affordable to integrate these helpful pieces of technology into your meetings.

1.   Speecheo

Speecheo is a multi-avenue application that addresses the needs of speakers, event planners, and attendees. How Speecheo distinguishes itself is by its ability help with each step of the meeting process. The first of a few key features that make it a powerful addition to any meeting planner’s arsenal is its live note taking feature. Attendees of meetings can follow along with meetings in real-time while taking notes of key points in the presentation. Having this built in feature allows all attendees to access and cross-reference meetings on the spot. For participants who need to look back or request more in-depth information about a certain topic discussed can explore any part of a meeting presentation through a roadmap of the entire presentation. Speecheo also collects information for the host of the meeting by collecting information during the presentation. By collecting key information such as where attendees engaged the most or attendee activity on the application, will allow hosts to cater meetings to what captures the attention of the audience.


2.   Facebook Live

Facebook has become the largest social media platform with over 1 billion active users, this popular platform makes it easy to connect with attendees of meetings on a channel they are familiar with and avoid time wasted on creating new accounts. With more and more businesses adopting hybrid meetings, Facebook Live acts as an easy and free way to enjoy the benefits that hybrid meetings have to offer. Also with the cross-platform nature of Facebook, it is possible to host meeting anywhere with your computer, laptop, or phone. With its high accessibility, Facebook Live makes it a useful tool for both meeting and presentation purposes.


3.   Bizzabo

A powerful multi-platform software on the rise, Bizzabo has integrated a host of widely used business applications to further appeal to event planners and presenters everywhere. Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Slack now all a part of Bizzabo makes it a versatile tool to utilize during meetings and events. With its ability to track real-time meeting and event analytics, Bizzabo creates useful feedback for future meetings. Coupled with a master agenda list that allows for the synchronization of events throughout any embeddable website or popular e-mail application, Bizzabo is versatile as it is useful. 


4.   Doodle

Complex schedules and conflicting availabilities tend to interfere with a successful meeting. Doodle is a simple and streamline solution that takes the guesswork out of attendee availability. With a simple interface for inputting times, and dates meeting planners can quickly visualize and plan accordingly to attendee’s availabilities. Doodle also connects with your calendar making scheduling and setting meeting dates a breeze, This feature, along with Doodle’s decision-making polls, are both free but, can be upgraded to their premium package which includes custom designs, domain names, SSL encryption, and automatic reminders for non-responses.


5.   Google Apps

One of the best tools for both personal and business uses is currently Google Apps. Because of Google’s cloud-based file sharing (Google Drive), distributing relevant documents and information becomes simple. Anyone who the host gives permission to access can download, or view documents anytime. One thing that sets Google Apps aside from other applications is that it is purely web-based. This allows for accessibility of documents or these applications from anywhere that has an internet connection. Working alongside Google Drive, hosts of meetings can create calendar events on Google Calendar and even share documents during meetings in real-time with Google Docs. The best part of all of Google Apps, despite its premium features, is that it is completely free to use.  


Technology is always on the rise, with the knowledge and know-how on how to integrate them effectively will drastically improve productivity and reduce time wasted in meetings. As mentioned most of these applications also double as event planning tools that can make events as equally successful as your meetings. With the help of these five useful applications meetings will easily become more organized, engaging, and collaborative. Given that a majority of these applications can be used for free there is no reason not to try them at your next meeting and give your meetings a jump-start.


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Why Businesses Should Use Twitter

Posted By Brian Arnesen, Monday, August 1, 2016

Why businesses should use twitter 

Why Businesses Should Use Twitter

Content marketing is a popular buzzword in the digital world. In fact, it is the current marketing strategy used worldwide. With many different social media platforms available, it is important to be engaged on the ones that have the largest ROI. While most social media platforms make you pay for visibility, twitter still enables businesses to use their platform without restraints. Today Twitter has over 313 million users, with a little under 140 million users daily. That’s a lot of people!



Everyone wants to be trending. Whether it’s a creative hashtag for your event or clever marketing campaign, trending enables businesses to gain maximum short-term visibility. The great thing about twitter is that businesses can see what is trending and join in on the conversation. By using popular hashtags, businesses are able to reach customers who wouldn’t have otherwise seen their activity. In other words, twitter is great for brand awareness.


Twitter provides businesses with a voice. Whether it is building a relationship with the media or help a customer with their problem, twitter enables you to do it all. When other customers see a business being proactive and providing excellent customer support, it strengthens their brand loyalty. Twitter enables the conversation to be transparent with the public – and that is a good thing. Businesses who use twitter as an interaction tool will be more successful on the app than others.



Twitter enables businesses to see what people are saying about any topic. It also enables you to view what competitors are doing. Twitter can be a great research tool for gathering information. By seeing what people care about, Twitter can enable companies to seize opportunities. Twitter can also provide instant feedback for businesses who are willing to listen.


By understanding how Twitter works and integrating it with their current marketing campaigns and strategies, businesses can expand their reach, influence and credibility locally and worldwide.

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6 Best Apps For Project Managers

Posted By Brian Arnesen, Monday, July 25, 2016

Best Apps For Project Managers 

6 Best Apps for Project Managers.


Project managers must juggle many things at once. The most important thing is to meet deadline. There are many tools available today to help manage every aspect of a project. We will explore some of the best apps out there. Most of these offer a free trial version to get started.


1. Asana

Asana is a powerful project management tool. It has the capability for project managers to share projects with smaller groups within a team, as well as with clients, vendors, contractors, etc.  Managers can set goals and, tasks and due dates. Companies can also manage their users, admins and configure authentication. Many people like Asana because it integrates with many different applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Slack, Evernote, GitHub, WordPress, Mailchimp and many others.


2. Skype

Sometimes a group cannot physically meet up. Skype is a great way to video chat with members of your team. Skype works globally and all you need is microphone and internet connection. Even if you don’t have a video camera, you can still voice chat together. This enables virtual teams a great opportunity to collaborate and check in.


3. Basecamp

Basecamp is a great app that is hosted online. The main feature is that you can create checklists and assign tasks to people with due dates. There is a message board features that allows for announcements and conversations. You can also upload files and docs so that they can all be accessed in one area. There are many features to explore and the best part is you can get started for free.


4. Google Docs

If you are working on the same report or spreadsheet, google docs makes it very easy for a team to collaborate. You can easily delegate different sections to other people and finish projects quickly and easily.


5. Casual

This is another app the delegates tasks to members. What is great about Casual is that it is a visual flowchart. It enables everyone to see who is working on what and how the project is coming together. It is great if you don't like the list view of other apps.


6. Trello

Trello is very similar to other project management tools. It has the usual to-do lists and tasks, however its interface is more like post-it notes and reminders. It is a great alternative to some of the other list oriented apps. 

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5 Reasons Caterers Fail

Posted By Brian Arnesen, Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Reason Caterers Fail 

5 Reasons Caterers Fail


Catering is a tough, competitive business. There are an enormous amount of events in Orange County. While this provides a lot of opportunity, the competition is fierce. Avoid these mistakes to stay on top.

1.    Not Being Competitive

Do you know what your competitors are offering? Do you know what people want but don’t have? If you aren’t different than it is hard to stand out among the vast catering options.  By doing research, you will find out what options you should be offering. You must continue to market your catering business. Even when you are getting inbound referrals, at some point those will end. Many people say you must have as much passion for marketing as you do cooking.


2.    Customer Service


Due to the competitive nature of catering, excellent customer service is paramount. According to food-profits.com “68% of customers visiting a catering food business do not return due to indifference of the staff and/or owner.” When a customer is hosting an event, not only do they want the event to be special but they want to feel special too. Remember to stand out from the crowd.


3.    Not Being Flexible

Every event is going to be different. The time the food is served, the length that food is out for. You must be flexible to have great customer service. That means spacing and set up areas will always be different. Be aware and plan ahead.


4.    Attention to Detail

Presentation is a big part of catering an event. Often times what makes an event memorable are small details. As a caterer, the presentation and quality of the meal are paramount. No plate should lack in quality and presentation. Proper storing and transporting of food is paramount. Besides the health concerns, no one enjoys eating cold soup.


5.    Poor Budgeting

You have to know your costs. Specifically, the dollar amount you make per plate. The most important, however, are your fixed costs. Fixed costs are what you must pay monthly even if you have no customers. It is very hard to get a steady stream of clients. By knowing your costs you can also maximize your profits while remaining competitive.

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