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What to do with Business Cards after a Trade Show

Friday, March 23, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Beau Ramirez
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What to do with Business Cards after a Trade Show


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Have you ever been overwhelmed by all those business cards you just collected at your last trade show? It’s not easy to remember names and conversations when you have all the hustle and bustle that comes with a show, but your networking efforts don’t have to go to waste. Those cards were exchanged for a reason, so it’s time capitalize on it! Here’s a few things you should do with all those business cards to get a return on your most valuable investment – your time.


1.    Add Everyone on Social Media 

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One of the easiest ways to keep networking after a trade show is to utilize social media. Most business cards these days have some sort of social media link on them to make it easier to find their brand online. Once you follow the company, look for specific employees throughout that company that you can reach out to. Sending a direct message and relating back to the trade show is a great way to break the ice.


2.    Personally Email the People You Remember Most


It’s easy to forget a name, so be quick to follow up. It’s typical for attendees to forget about some of the hundreds of people they meet along the way. The best way to build a foundation to a working relationship is to stay in contact with the people you remember the most. If you happen to remember a particular conversation, be sure to reference that in your note. This tactic is often more effective than social media and general email blasts because it’s so much more personal. You never know who they might be able to refer you to, and chances are if you had a quality conversation, they’re going to remember you too.


3.    Gather a List of Emails for an Email Blast


Take the emails from all the business cards and create an email spreadsheet to use and send out a mass email. This is a very effective way to quickly brand your company in front of dozens of new prospects. It might seem obvious, but keep in mind the goal of your email should be to reintroduce yourself, and eventually turn your conversation into leads. Use this opportunity to structure your email messaging with an exclusive offer for this audience only. Pro Tip: Split your email list in two and try two different subject lines, with two different types of content messaging to see which one leads to more engagement.



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