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5 Greek Events That Are Sure to Spark Your Interest

Monday, January 22, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Taylor Studebaker
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5 Greek Events That Are Sure to Spark Your Interest

Have you ever wanted to be the one in the group with the most valued ideas? We are here to help! When it comes to sorority or fraternity events there are an endless amount of options, but not all ideas are easy to put into action. So, open your eyes to the possibilities below and these ideas are sure to spark your imagination, giving you some inspiration to create your own successful event! Here are five ideas that are sure to win the popular vote: 


1. Themed Parties

Everyone loves a themed party! We are here to tell you that a themed party can be a hit any time of the year! Try a decade’s theme or a costume party to light up your Saturday night! A dance floor is also a must, because who doesn’t enjoy great music? Not to mention the fantastic decorations, whether you take the DIY route and craft everything yourself, or buy the best decorations on the market, your themed party is sure to be a hit. Contact a venue and book early and your ideas will be sure to come to life!



2. Group Retreat

Group retreats are always a fun way to get to know your peers. Creating themes like the Olympic Games makes it easier to plan activities and create a cohesive event. Having a theme creates an inviting atmosphere for people to come together and take part in games, activities, and conversation. Whether you choose to do a physical activity such as tug of war or spend your time getting to know one another, a group retreat will be a crowd pleaser. 



3. Casino Night

A poker night can make for a spectacular event that will be sure to provide some great entertainment and a bit of competition. Casino night appeals to everyone even if they aren’t into poker by adding fun games and dancing to the evening! The key to a great casino night includes themed décor and props throughout the venue. 



4. Movie Night

Watching the latest blockbuster with your sorority or fraternity can make for a great event! Planning a movie night can be both fun and simple. Try searching for an event space with a big screen available and use a projector to achieve the ultimate movie theater experience. Pair these types of events with snacks and drinks and you’re good to go!



5. Carnival

There is no better way to spend your day than playing carnival games and eating cotton candy! The first step would be finding a large venue or outdoor area. Next, you will need to set up booths which if you do yourself can help you save money, while proving to be a fun activity in itself. Provide fun and authentic carnival eats, like corn dogs, funnel cakes and lemonade and you have yourself a carnival!



Whichever type of event you decide to host: a themed party, group retreat, casino night, movie night or carnival, finding the right venue and booking the space in advance will be sure to relieve some of the stress of party planning! Your peers will praise you for creating such a fun and unique event!


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