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Selling Below the Price Line ™

This program illustrates the powerful persuasion of selling VALUE instead of price. Presented to every Bell Operating Company in the USA since 1990 this program has been made into video presentations and has been showcased on the Internet as the best sales training program of its kind for retail, direct sales or telesales.

Managing the Box ™

Managers are constantly told to "think outside the box.” But are seldom encouraged to identify what is in the box to start with, let alone manage that body of concern. From hiring, training, tracking, tolerating, to terminating this program takes a look at the six key components of any business then offers strategies to assist managers in dealing with the impact of each.

Reinventing Yourself ™

What got you this far is very likely NOT going to get you to the next level and especially in a challenging economy. This program takes direct aim at learning what skills and abilities you have acquired that can be put to use NOW to get you back in the game with a new resume and a new attitude to go with it.

Mind Focus Studio ™

Personal development is all about understanding the four critical elements of one's day to day life including how to recognize ineffective behaviors as well as strategies to make changes that impact your future success.


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About Will Robertson

With over 30 years experience as a sales professional, sales manager and sales trainer, he has proven over and again that the principles presented in Selling Below the Price Line work.

After completing military service as an Air Force pilot, Mr. Robertson began his career as a sales professional by selling cars and trucks in the Minneapolis area. In his next position, at John Hancock Life Insurance Company in Cleveland, he began his career as a sales trainer. This led to an invitation to join Pacific Life in San Diego, CA where he expanded his training programs to include the commercial real estate industry then the mobile communications industry.


During this period, Mr. Robertson began his career as a motivational speaker and became a colleague of Mark Victor Hansen, who transformed his book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, into a training empire. This led to becoming a regular featured speaker for Nightingale-Conant.

In 1980, Mr. Robertson founded Performance Strategies, Inc. (PSI). As President of PSI, he has worked with automobile dealerships, high-tech businesses, investment firms, the hotel industry, banking industry and virtually every major telecommunications company in the US. Specific clients include NCR, IBM, Ford, GM, and the Department of Defense.

Mr. Robertson has energized audiences at hundreds of industry events and has authored over 250 articles for professional and trade publications.


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